Cotton Candy Anyone?

I never liked eating cotton candy much at all (no idea why, all kids do), but this yarn I like love very much.  Whenever I knit with this pink mohair/silk yarn I am reminded of cotton candy in those food stalls at the fair, fun and happy times.  Come to think about it, I have always been in a good mood when I am knitting with this pink yarn.

Today I collected photos of my cardigans in this sweet color.  There aren’t as many as there are in the white, but still fun to see all together in a group.

pink & plum encore 733 pink 'n plum 244 pink mohair cardigan 254 a vision in pink 318

Our Summer Garden 2014

sweet valentine 872

fall for pink 069 wm

Tiny Flower set with matching Patience outfit 2013

Cotton Candy Roses Cardigan 2013

P1120010ebaySo which color do you like better?  The white is very versatile and makes great “fur” trim for Christmas pieces, but the pink is delectable sweetness.


This is the first weekend of fall (in this part of the world).  Hope you have a great one!

Bye for today and thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Anyone?

    1. Wendi

      I am new to these type of dolls – have collected antique dolls for many since I was about 12 and for a number of years made porcelain dolls…I made a Dianna Effner’s “Emily” with the painted eye technique in an 18″ size who I still love very much but I have to say that I covet your beautiful Gina! Do you change her wig? That is something new to me….Emily has the bobbed blonde wig similar to Ms. Effner’s original. And these little one’s with the articulated bodies, Amelia Thimble for example are really cute but I am not sure where you find them. I love your fashions Cindy….I used to do a lot of creating of dresses for my various dolls as well as my girl’s dolls but have gotten away from it. I am finding such inspiration from your beautiful workmanship! I will check out the link that you have provided and thank you so much for that and in the meantime I will remain a cyberfan!

  1. jeanne

    Cindy, I am pretty partial to the pink…and if I had to pick a favorite…I think it would be your second little sweater. Oh my goodness that is adorable….

    I wanted to ask you a question the other day when you showed you new fabrics… do you knit your sweaters first and then find a fabric to make your dress or the other way around?

    Keep up the blogging…you’re doing great!!!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Great question! I’ve done both, but things go more smoothly when I start with the fabric. There have been quite a few times when I’ve made a sweater and couldn’t find the fabric for a dress, so I start with the fabric.
      Thanks for the blogging encouragement and compliment, Jeanne. 🙂

  2. Marina

    Aww, Cindy, looking at your beautiful little treasures is such a great way to start the day and week. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration. Good week to you.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Marina,
      You’re so nice, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I thought it was fun to see all of the pinks together. Hope you have a good week as well.

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