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I Feel Like Alice…

I walked into my sewing room this morning and I feel like Alice who just fell down the rabbit hole.  I snapped some quick photos to show you what I mean.  Only one photo makes sense, and that is Gina who is all posed and dressed, waiting for the weather to change so that she can have her picture taken outdoors in her new fall outfit, the last one.

Do these make any sense to you?

studio 09-27-15 250A wig set on the branch of a blown glass Christmas tree?  Or how about wigs in a vintage fruit bowl?  These wigs should all be in that plastic shoe box labeled “wigs”.

studio 09-27-15 245Amelia Thimble and Sugar posing like they are still wearing their pumpkin dresses?  Don’t they know they are naked?  Geez!

studio 09-27-15 246Fabric that is ready to fall over because it is twice as high as it should be?  Going one way is Christmas, the other way is my new stuff, the other way is more new stuff, then the fabric that is supposed to be there?  See, total confusion.

studio 09-27-15 253Leftover props are laying about:  a stuffed bear wearing Amelia Thimble’s hat, another hat balancing on the edge of the rocking chair, Raggedy Ann who lost her sweater, floppy puppy needing to be put away.

studio 09-27-15 247Bella is still playing babysitter (in the same dress she’s been wearing for over a year) to whichever tiny one decides to sit in her lap.  Right now it’s Izzy, who is naked, and Lisbet, whom I don’t know what to do with (she needs a lip repaint and I don’t know how).  Well, I tried and my paint was too thick and dark; that’s another story.

studio 09-27-15 249Two different sweaters are being blocked, lace yarn remnants from the tiny pumpkin patch dresses, floss still not put away from those pumpkin patch dresses.

studio 09-27-15 252And,… here is the only thing that makes sense, Gina in her new fall outfit.  Hopefully, the day will brighten up so I can get some photos taken of her.

sweet 'n cozy fall 237In addition to taking photos today, I think that I had better do some straightening up, don’t you?  Maybe I will have some “nice and neat” studio pictures to show you.

Hopefully, your day is making more sense to you.  Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for reading!


Cotton Candy Anyone?

I never liked eating cotton candy much at all (no idea why, all kids do), but this yarn I like love very much.  Whenever I knit with this pink mohair/silk yarn I am reminded of cotton candy in those food stalls at the fair, fun and happy times.  Come to think about it, I have always been in a good mood when I am knitting with this pink yarn.

Today I collected photos of my cardigans in this sweet color.  There aren’t as many as there are in the white, but still fun to see all together in a group.

pink & plum encore 733 pink 'n plum 244 pink mohair cardigan 254 a vision in pink 318

Our Summer Garden 2014

sweet valentine 872

fall for pink 069 wm

Tiny Flower set with matching Patience outfit 2013

Cotton Candy Roses Cardigan 2013

P1120010ebaySo which color do you like better?  The white is very versatile and makes great “fur” trim for Christmas pieces, but the pink is delectable sweetness.


This is the first weekend of fall (in this part of the world).  Hope you have a great one!

Bye for today and thanks for reading!


Does Anyone Feel Like a Little Bit of Snow?

Fuzzy white mohair yarn that look like snow, that is.  I’ve used this yarn for little cardigan sweaters a LOT.  I was wondering how much, so I gathered up my photos and made a little collection here.  They are not all winter sweaters, but even in the middle of summer they’ve always reminded me of fluffy snow.

Sunshine Day 2015

blue skies, sunny days 782blue skies and pink roses 164

apple season 023

snowman luv 742

Candy Canes for Christmas 2014

Holiday Helper 2014


Rosy Sweet 2014

Rosy Sweet 2014

our summer garden 859 summer's sweetheart 652

Softly Spring 2014

Autumn Sweetness mohair caridigan2013

Merry & Bright 2013

Christmas Classic 2011

Merry & Bright 2013

Tri-Color Roses Cardigan 2013

P1120143ebay P1110865ebay

What a Doll 2013

be my valentine 149 tri-color roses III 270 P1120423web

Now here’s some REAL snow… from earlier this year, thank goodness!

snowfall 271 snowfall 266

I’m not quite ready for all this yet, are you?  I’d much rather look at fluffy white snow-like sweaters.

Thanks for reading along today.  Have a fabulous Friday!