The Progression of Fall and A Doll Photo

After some windy days our trees are getting barer and barer.  It’s really looking like fall now even though this week was quite warm.  Earlier in the week I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures outside around our house.

early november 178

early november 176

early november 173All of our crab apple trees are filled with tiny red fruit which the birds and squirrels enjoy munching on.

early november 183The magnolia trees have finally felt the effects of the season.  In a matter of days the leaves turned yellow green.  Today, a few days after this photo was taken, the leaves are brownish yellow with many covering the ground.  They’re going from deep green to bare in no time.

early november 186Without planning it I made four winter white sweater dress/Santa hat ensembles.  Well, I had to have the four girls pose for a photo together, they looked so cute.  Riley was beyond excited.  Believe it or not, it has been at least 5 years since I’ve made her anything new.

christmas gina riley sugar amelia 286Hope you’ve had a nice week!


8 thoughts on “The Progression of Fall and A Doll Photo

  1. Mary Koile

    Wow! I can’t believe what a difference a couple of days makes. Our trees were loaded with beautiful fall colored leaves and now they are almost naked.
    Riley looks beautiful and your LD Christmas outfit is GORGEOUS!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Mary and thank you! I know, it happens so fast. The many windy days really take the leaves off of the trees quickly too. We’ve had a very mild fall though, so no complaints from us here in northern Illinois. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Joy

    The girls look adorable in their matching outfits. Such a sweet little pose.
    Had no idea Magnolia’s could survive cold weather. Ours out here in CA are green year around.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy. I wonder if you have different varieties of magnolia tree in CA. I thought I heard somewhere that there are tender varieties. Hope you have a beautiful fall weekend.

  3. Sharon in Spain

    Beautiful photos and outfits as usual Cindy, thank you very much for sharing them with us!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain , where we still have teeshirt weather!


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