“Holiday Ready”

As I sit here on this dark December morning there is a bit of anticipation in the air.  We are awaiting snow, and it is almost here!  I’m not sure how much we’ll get, it’s barely freezing, but it’ll be a treat watching it fall.

How are your holiday preparations coming along?  We are moving along nicely here.  Most of our indoor decorating is finished, and we are enjoying our cozy holiday lights, Christmas tree(s), and the many holiday decorations.  It was extra special (and a little sad) this year as I got to unwrap (for the first time) Christmas decorations and ornaments from my parents.  I think that we will maybe (hopefully) get some lights outside . . . or a wreath . . . or something.

My Little Darling, Alice, is very holiday ready in her new ensemble.  I had an impossible time passing up (so, what’s new!) this snowman print by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.  It came in a few different colorways, but I decided on yellow because it reminded me of those super sunshiny days after a snowstorm . . . and it is such a happy color.

I wanted to make Alice’s set as Christmasy as possible so I picked the red and green from the snowmen’s scarves to include in the ensemble.



The snowy white fuzzy mohair sweater is embroidered with more festivity—holly and evergreen motifs.  Sparkly bright red crystal beads are used for the buttons.  Alice’s beret is hand knit with hand dyed wool which is in matching bright red.  Her snowball pom pom matches the sweater’s yarn.  A pop of green was needed at the neckline so a skinny green scarf with red/white fringe does the job.

holiday-ready-146Delicate white lace tights, a snowman miniature ornament, and sparkly bracelet (with snowflake charm) complete Alice’s festive look.




“Holiday Ready” for the Little Darlings will be available tonight (December 4, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.



6 thoughts on ““Holiday Ready”

  1. Joy

    Love the snowman print. Adorable on Alice too.
    I’m debating putting up the Dept 56 houses. When the time comes, it seems exhausting. Other person here pulled out the animated singing Xmas carolers, the singing Christmas tree, as well as a skiing snowman. More than enough for me. The volume doesn’t seem to be adjustable anymore either. 😦 We may put up a tree, but will definitely haul out the lighted giraffe who is at least 6 ft tall. He’s fun.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Thank you, Joy. We’re skipping the Snow Village this year too. It feels like we just enjoyed them, so they can stay packed another year. I took out a few little pieces to look at, that’s it. After picking out, chopping down, and bringing home our tree from the tree farm all of us claimed to be too tired to decorate it! It did get done that day, but we were dragging. Can’t wait to put it all away in January!!! Your giraffe sounds interesting. Do you have a photo?

    1. Joy

      Well, if we load it up in the truck and drag it down from the other house tomorrow, I’ll take a pic of the giraffe. Glad you had the fortitude to decorate. Other than the dancing whatevers, that’s all we have. Probably more than we need anyway. Crazy singing Christmas tree keeps coming on whenever I come into the room. Not my favorite.

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        Ha ha. A singing Christmas tree would make me nutty. We have a collection of Hallmark NASA ornaments (space race) and every time we turned the lights on, the tree sounded like it was going to take off. Needless to say, we only used them for a few years.

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