Daily Archives: December 18, 2015

Christmas Creating is Finished for 2015

Last night I sold my last Christmas ensemble of the season and put away my Christmas fabric.  I’ve been working on Christmas sets since… September 14?  Is that right?  Yep, that’s when I published this post here.  I didn’t think I started that early!  I did make one fall outfit in the middle of it all, but still three months is a long time to be working on Christmas things.  I am ready for a change.

I made a little collage of all of my Christmas ensembles.  This is way beyond what I normally get done in a Christmas season.  My dolls are now all naked, so, by my standards, this Christmas season was a success.

2015 Christmas Collection Collage

If you’d like to see more pictures of each outfit they are all in the slideshow on my website’s home page.  You can click on the photo in the slideshow and be taken to that individual outfit’s sales page.  Here is my website.

Thank you all for reading my blog, keeping me company, and being such wonderful cheerleaders!  I treasure you all!