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Gina Loves Rudolph, Do You?

I had to use this “super cute” print again for one of my last 2015 Christmas dresses and Gina begged me to make it for her.  Who can say no to Gina?  Certainly not me!

Last year I used this print for Talyssa.  You can see that ensemble here.

i love rudolph 178

i love rudolph 173i love rudolph 186

i love rudolph 219Gina’s sweater is knit with tan mohair/silk lace yarn.  Embroidered all the way around the neckline are berries and leaves.  I’ve also embroidered a few hearts because there are hearts on the dress.
i love rudolph 222

I wanted to make Talyssa a Rudolph toy last year, but didn’t, so this year I was determined to give it a go.  It’s a fair amount of work to draw the pattern pieces, dye the felt, and put it all together.  The little faces, or expressions, are the most important part on these little toys, I feel.  They have to be “super cute” and make you say “awww”.  I hope I was successful…

This little guy is a two dimensional toy and stuffed with plastic bean bag pellets to give him some weight.  I think Gina likes her little Rudolph.i love rudolph 232

i love rudolph 200

i love rudolph 195

For more information on Gina’s “I Love Rudolph” ensemble, please visit the “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com.

Springtime in December

We woke to another dreary day with the rain slowly coming down, but the temperature, oh the temperature, it’s near 60ºF or 16ºC.  Unbelievable! and Wonderful!  Who cares if it’s raining!

Gray skies!

mid december spring 270

Raindrops on the window.mid december spring 259

Red crabapple berries are so colorful on the trees against the gray skies.  What a wonderful spring, (I mean late fall) day!mid december spring 266

The feeder isn’t too busy this morning: sparrows,…birds feeder 273

… a chickadee,chickadee feeder 263… and a house wren.house wren feeder 264

My husband started setting up our Snow Village houses yesterday.   I don’t have many, but just enough.  Part of my collection is my grandma’s church and house which are very special to me.

We don’t put them out every year and we don’t have a set place for them.  One year they were in the bay window and other years they’ve been on the buffet in the dining room, other years we will put a house here and there.  This year my husband put an old bi-fold closet door on the desk in the family room.  It seems to be the perfect size.  Here’s a sneak peak at our little village.

I’ve been collecting these houses since the late 1980s.  They used to be really really popular, but you don’t see them for sale too much anymore.  I remember that it seemed like every Hallmark store or gift shop carried these houses and had massive displays of them.snow village 303

Here’s a photo of a little tray of Santas that I have on the table in the foyer.

santas 243

And last, but not least, here are Gina and Lucy sharing their special things as sisters so lovingly do.  Gina is letting Lucy hold her Rudolph toy and Lucy is giving Gina her silver ball ornament to hang on the Christmas tree.  ❤

gina lucy 317

Hope you all are having a sweet and peaceful weekend.