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Some Vintage Christmas Eye Candy

Yesterday we walked through the Volo Antique Mall.  I love looking at vintage Christmas decorations (and non Christmas things too).  I’m at the age where things from my childhood are considered vintage (ha, I guess I’m vintage too), so I will often see something that sparks a childhood memory.

This antique mall that has been around since 1991, but has grown since then.  There is also an auto museum and military museum on this site.  One of the structures that house antiques and collectibles was built in the 1800s and was used as a dairy barn.  It has multiple levels with the milk house room being on an upper level, but has a door leading to the outdoors.  I think it is due to the grading of the land or the hills around the barn.  The highest level feels like you’re in a hayloft and is so narrow that it only has room for one dealer.

Ghost Lab did a little video which is on You Tube.  You can see more of the old barn here on You Tube.  No, we didn’t see any ghosts while we were there yesterday.

Here are some photos I took of Christmas items that caught my eye.  I also took pictures of non Christmas items, but will have to put those into another post as there are too many for one post.

Do any of these things spark a memory with you?

volo antique mall 510

volo antique mall 512

volo antique mall 517

volo antique mall 522

volo antique mall 526

My dad’s father had a Borden’s milk truck business in the 1960s.  I used to peek inside his truck when we would visit him in Chicago.  He would often have those small packages of Brach’s butterscotch candies sitting on the dashboard and I would help myself to one.  I hope he didn’t mind.

volo antique mall 515This is the same nativity set that I have which is from my mom’s parents although my set isn’t in such good shape.  My set has been well loved (and probably played with by grandchildren).  This reminds me that we still have our nativity to set up.volo antique mall 518

volo antique mall 520

I need help with these three elves (or whatever they are).  My mom had one who was wearing a green velvet jacket and playing one of those instruments.  I seem to remember that she got it at one of those parties (like a Tupperware party), but I was very young and don’t remember anything else.  Does anyone remember anything about them?volo antique mall 523

volo antique mall 519volo antique mall 521volo antique mall 520volo antique mall 535volo antique mall 538volo antique mall 536volo antique mall 537volo antique mall 533This is a teeny tiny room box.  I took the photo with my finger in the the frame for scale.

volo antique mall 534

volo antique mall 539I don’t need a punch bowl, but this one made out of green carnival glass was beautiful.

volo antique mall 545volo antique mall 554volo antique mall 609volo antique mall 572volo antique mall 570volo antique mall 569Perhaps the most baffling Christmas item was this styrofoam Santa head for $5.00!!!???volo antique mall 573Did you find anything that you recognize from years gone by?

We bought nothing, which is unusual, instead, I wanted to bring things here to sell.  I still have cartons of boxed Barbie dolls.  If I wait 10 more years they will be vintage too.

Bye for now!  Hope you’re have a very nice “Christmas Eve Eve”.  I made that up, sorry.