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“A Merry Welcome”

Seriously everyone, this is absolutely, positively my last Christmas ensemble of 2105!

When I got the shipping confirmation number last Friday night for Linda Macario’s Penny I was in shock.  It had been so long since I preordered Penny that I had stopped expecting her to show up any time soon.  I didn’t think she’d be my Christmas doll, that’s for sure.

So, when Penny arrived on Monday I thought that she’s GOT to have a Christmas ensemble for her first Christmas.  In between baking cookies, wrapping up boxes to send to long distance relatives, Christmas shopping, chauffeuring (school is still in session), and everything else, I managed to get something made for her.

Without further ado, here is Linda Macario’s new BJD, Penny.  She is about 8 1/2″ tall and very chubby and cute.  She reminds me of a Christmas elf.  Luckily, I had a Little Darling Santa hat that I ended up not using for the Little Darlings “I Love Rudolph” set; Penny claimed it as her own when she saw it.  She also took one of their wigs.  And, … she took Talyssa’s beautiful green eyes.  Now, that sounds grotesque, but that is the life of a BJD.  I need to order more eyes.

a merry welcome 411It’s always a bit of a puzzle creating ensembles for new dolls, a fun puzzle, but it takes time to get it completely right.  So even though there are some changes I’d like to make for Penny’s next sweater dress, I think she looks cute in her first.  I also want to get a dress pattern made for her.

a merry welcome 430

a merry welcome 416a merry welcome 414a merry welcome 421

a merry welcome 418

It was a cold day and quite windy so I only took a few photos of Penny outdoors before heading inside.a merry welcome 400a merry welcome 397

Thank you for helping me welcome Penny into the world.  I think she’ll like it here.

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