Daily Archives: December 28, 2015

Winter Weather… Finally

We had that nice snowfall right before Thanksgiving and a very brief snow in early December; that’s all the winter weather that we’ve had so far.  You can read about those snowfalls here and here.  Christmas Day was sunny and in the 40s, but mostly it’s been cloudy and wet from rain, not snow.  Today we are having a little snow, but again, it won’t last.  I can already hear the sleet hitting the windows, then it will turn to rain with lots of wind.

Here are a few pictures of our brief winter wonderland this morning.  It sure is pretty.

snow 723

It is too windy for the birds, I think.  Maybe they’ll come around later.

snow 717

snow 720

I’ll be spending the day in my sewing room picking out fabrics and yarn for my next outfits.  Thanks for visiting me today!  Bye for now!