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Day After Christmas

Whew!  I’m feeling a little bit worn out after the holiday.  How about you?  Thank you all for the Christmas wishes.  I truly appreciate each and every one.  ❤  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It seems like this year a lot of my extended family members were only together via telephone, text, and iChat, so at my house all of the phones were heavily in use both days.

We opened our gifts on Christmas Day.  Sometime during the night Santa visited and filled our stockings with yummy treats.  As we were emptying our stockings our tiny chihuahua had to give everything a good sniff.  He is also a great help pulling wrapping paper off of packages.  He learned how to do this from our golden retrievers, I’m not kidding.  Both of our dogs got a Christmas treat of ham and green beans which they devoured in seconds.

christmas 699

Our chihuahua surprised us by letting us know that he knew the command “down”.  When he was a puppy I was able to teach him:  sit, stay, come.  But, not the down command, he just wouldn’t lay down.  After all these years he showed us that he does know what it means, smart little guy.
chihuahua 701

A few of my daughter’s American Girl dolls made it out this year (as decorations).  It was nice seeing them all dressed for Christmas.  Here is Lanie (2010 Girl of the Year), Bitty Baby, and Kanani (2011 Girl of the Year).  They are wearing various American Girl holiday ensembles.
lanie bitty baby kanani 665

I  have to show you what I got for my Snow Village.  It’s Ginger’s House and oh, so perfect because our golden retriever’s name is Ginger!  Although if this were our Ginger she would have eaten the whole gingerbread man, not just his arm.  Ha ha.ginger's house 712

That’s all for now.  We need to straighten up today, exchange a few things, and rest a bit.

Thanks for reading!