Daily Archives: October 18, 2015

Frost & Flowers

Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope your weekend is going well.

I worked diligently on Patience’s Christmas outfit yesterday and only have to make the tights before it is ready for photo taking.  Yay!  Next, is a Christmas outfit for Patsy.  (See, she is getting some attention!)  I think after that I will make something for Amelia Thimble.  Sorry, no doll photos today.

Last Friday was my anniversary.  I woke up to this bouquet of roses from my husband.  There were 5 or 6 different fall-ish colors and types in the vase, so pretty, and they smelled wonderful all day while I worked.  My husband and I enjoyed dinner together.  We had sweet potato chili and cornbread.  The chili was cooking in the slow cooker all day, so the house smelled yummy.  I put a little cinnamon in my chili, just half a teaspoon, but it sure makes the house smell nice.

anniversary roses 659We had our first frosts yesterday morning and this morning.  This morning’s frost seemed heavier than yesterday’s.  The icy grass looks so white, like snow, and it is sooo cold.  I guess it is time for cold weather since October is more than half over already.

frost 712

frost 714

frost 722

frost roses 723

frost roses 727

frost roses 728As for the melons, these tiny ones got hit with frost.  I did pick the two largest last week, one was a cantaloupe and the other was a honeydew.  (They were seedlings that sprouted from store bought fruit in our compost pile.)  The fruit was ripe, but quite flavorless and almost bitter.  My brown thumb lives on!

frost melons 729Bye for now and thanks for reading.