Daily Archives: October 24, 2015

Millie’s “Cozy Christmas Color”

My tiny (11″) Kay Wiggs illie, Millie, is here today modeling her new (and first of the season) Christmas ensemble.  Doesn’t she look festive, cozy, and warm?

cozy christmas colors 687Millie is so excited to have her very own Santa hat.  Millie says she will wear it “all the time” when helping out this holiday season.

cozy christmas colors 689Millie’s sweater is knit with mohair/silk lace weight yarn.  For the embroidery, I centered the main motifs around the petaled blossom shapes from the dress and embroidered them in a warm pink-y shade (for more distinction they are a shade or two lighter than those on the dress).  The berries are colonial knots in a deep berry red that match the dress; the stems and leaves are lazy daisy stitches and straight stitches.

cozy christmas colors 707

cozy christmas colors 676I added off white fine English cotton Cluny lace underneath the tuck on the skirt to help tie in the accents of whites.

cozy christmas colors 680

cozy christmas colors 693For more information on Millie’s “Cozy Christmas Color” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page on cindyricedesigns.com.

Bye for now!