Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

Another Weekend Here and Gone

How did your weekend go?  Mine flew by.

Yesterday afternoon I drove the short distance to the nearest forest preserve.  I wanted to see how fall was progressing in nature (and get some exercise).  As you can see from my photos things are still pretty green.  I wanted to photograph the wild dark purple asters and lavender monarda, but the battery on my phone died before I could capture those.

I captured some white asters.

sun lake 2075_2And milkweed…

sun lake 2077

sun lake 2078_2This is all forest preserve land.

sun lake 2081Sometimes trees become natural art sculptures; I always like to capture those.

sun lake 2079_2In my studio, I knit another Santa hat, started embroidering Pukipuki’s Christmas dress, finished up a fun ensemble for Gina, and Millie picked out her Christmas dress fabric.

wip 10-05-15 370

wip 10-05-15 368Hope you all have a perfect week!

Thanks for reading!  Bye for now.