Daily Archives: October 20, 2015

What I’m Working on Today

Hello and, depending on where you live, good morning or good evening!

I took a photo of my desk this morning and wanted to show you the progress on Patsy’s Christmas outfit.  I think that this is the last I can make out of this simple red/green pin dot.  I made two dresses for the Little Darlings out of this 1/2 yard piece of fabric last year and didn’t think there was enough for another dress, but Patsy is small, so there was just enough width and length to cut out her skirt.  Here is a link to Gina’s ensemble from last year.  (Both dresses for Gina were the same.)

wip 10-20-15 845

I made a quick little drawing of how I want to embroider Patsy’s sweater.  I’ll also need to run to the store for red ribbon; the shade I have is too blue, and I’d like to use organza.  I’m not sure yet what kind of beads I’ll use for the sweater buttons, maybe pearls.  The tiny green buttons are for the dress.  I’m thinking a bow or headband for her hair, but I will see.

That’s all for now my dear readers.

Thank you sooo much for all of your comments; I love them!!!