Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

Christmas Making is Progressing

I feel that I am finally getting in the Christmas spirit here in the studio.  How many weeks has it taken for me to seriously get in the spirit?

Right now I have three dolls in their Christmas ensembles all waiting patiently for photos to be taken.  And, speaking of Patience I am working on something for her too.

Here are Gina, Millie, and Sugar all decked out for the holidays.  I originally had Gina in a Santa hat, but this ensemble seemed too dressy for it.  I like the organza bow in her hair much better.  I didn’t have my lighting all set up, so this was taken with the over head florescent lights and a tiny bit of early morning light coming in through the west facing window.  You can get an idea anyway.  I thought they looked cute all together and wanted to show you.

christmas gina millie sugar 542

Maybe I’ll get photos taken today and maybe I’ll get sewing on Patience’s dress, or maybe both!

I hope all of you have, or are having (depending on where you live), a wonderful day!

Bye for now!