Daily Archives: October 26, 2015

Tiny Work Going On and More

I’ve been working on winter white Christmas sets for Pupipuki Sugar and Amelia Thimble.  I thought that a white on white combination would be something different.

10-25-15 004Last night (so I could get right to work this morning without procrastinating) I did a few quick drawings of little motifs for embroidery.  It worked, and I got right down to business early this morning.

embroidery christmas 016Even though I use my “patterns” from the last time when I start knitting or crocheting a new piece the results can vary.  In this case Sugar’s dress seemed a tad short.  Some tiny lace tights solved the “too much bare leg” problem.  These are super tiny, but cute on her chubby li’l legs.

sewing puki tights 018Sugar’s arm around Amelia Thimble’s back keeps her steady while I manage to catch a photo of them in their brand new Christmas sets.  They have become great friends!

sugar amelia christmas 019I just started another knitting/crocheting notebook, it’s the top book.  Everything I have knit or crocheted within the last 4+ years is written in these books!  In addition to writing out “patterns” I also document the date, doll made for, needle size, type/color of yarn, embroidery colors/strands.  These notes make it easy to go back and remake something or remake something with changes that I want to incorporate in the new piece.

knitting notebooks 001My sweet chihuahua LOVES sleeping in sunbeams.  He looked so peaceful that I had to take a photo of him.sleeping sun 010

Hope you have a GREAT week!  Bye for now!