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My Mohair/Silk Sweaters and Dresses in Other Colors

Everyone loves this soft and fuzzy yarn, don’t they?  I do, and this is one yarn that I go to again and again throughout the year, it’s season-less.

In addition to my pink and white knits, (you saw those collections last week here and here) I’ve used this yarn to knit sweaters and dresses in dusty lavender, blue green, medium sky blue, golden yellow, tan, and fuchsia.

bitty festive 349 wm

lovely in lavender 178

a lavender rosy garden 906

winter roses 117

Cozy & Bright 2015

garden of roses 611

Bit of Gold 2014

Lovely Lilac 2014

Naturally Pretty 2014

Magenta Garden 2014

A Bouquet for You 2013

My Colorful Garden 2012

flowers for holidays 596

Flowers for Holidays, Tiny Poinsettia, and So Holiday Soft 2013I think that this collection of photos along with last week’s two collections shows everything I’ve made with this yarn.  Now, I think it’s time to look forward, and knit some more with this yarn!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting!  I appreciate it so much!

Bye for now!