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The Colors of Fall

Yesterday afternoon I was walking around in our backyard letting my little guy (dog) sniff, sniff, and sniff.  I was being a very patient mama.  He hates taking serious walks on his harness, but loves to casually walk around the yard.  Since he’s a little chihuahua he needs constant babysitting when he’s outside, wouldn’t want anything to happen to my baby.  Anyway, I was noticing all of the colors in the leaves, even the decaying leaves were interesting to look at.  So in the evening, when the sun disappeared (right before a crazy downpour), I captured some of fall’s beauty close up.

Way at the back of our yard we have an old oak tree.  The leaves don’t turn red or orange, but are interesting all the same.

fall 2015 503

fall 2015 512Weed trees and other weeds that grow in the back are interesting too, althoughI have no idea what these are.

fall 2015 511

fall 2015 500Pretty maple leaves… from two different trees.

fall 2015 520I’ve been enjoying apples from our tree again this year.  The deer, wasps, and bees love them too.

fall 2015 497The largest melon growing in my little melon patch is about the size of a grapefruit, not sure if it’ll be edible, probably not.  There are quite a few more that are even smaller.

fall 2015 496Our deck is filled with tiny leaves from our skyline locust tree.  Walking on the deck all I hear is crunch, crunch, crunch.

fall 2015 489My favorite lobelia flowers are still going strong wherever they happened to pop up.

fall 2015 491No frost yet here in northern Illinois, but the palette outside is starting to turn from green to golden, so probably soon.  How about where you live?

Enjoy your day!

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