The Colors of Fall

Yesterday afternoon I was walking around in our backyard letting my little guy (dog) sniff, sniff, and sniff.  I was being a very patient mama.  He hates taking serious walks on his harness, but loves to casually walk around the yard.  Since he’s a little chihuahua he needs constant babysitting when he’s outside, wouldn’t want anything to happen to my baby.  Anyway, I was noticing all of the colors in the leaves, even the decaying leaves were interesting to look at.  So in the evening, when the sun disappeared (right before a crazy downpour), I captured some of fall’s beauty close up.

Way at the back of our yard we have an old oak tree.  The leaves don’t turn red or orange, but are interesting all the same.

fall 2015 503

fall 2015 512Weed trees and other weeds that grow in the back are interesting too, althoughI have no idea what these are.

fall 2015 511

fall 2015 500Pretty maple leaves… from two different trees.

fall 2015 520I’ve been enjoying apples from our tree again this year.  The deer, wasps, and bees love them too.

fall 2015 497The largest melon growing in my little melon patch is about the size of a grapefruit, not sure if it’ll be edible, probably not.  There are quite a few more that are even smaller.

fall 2015 496Our deck is filled with tiny leaves from our skyline locust tree.  Walking on the deck all I hear is crunch, crunch, crunch.

fall 2015 489My favorite lobelia flowers are still going strong wherever they happened to pop up.

fall 2015 491No frost yet here in northern Illinois, but the palette outside is starting to turn from green to golden, so probably soon.  How about where you live?

Enjoy your day!

Thank you for stopping by and au revoir for now!

10 thoughts on “The Colors of Fall

  1. Catherine

    Thank you for these beautiful photos.
    Here it is cold in the morning, but we have a bright sun!
    Tomorrow, I’ll photograph the vineyards, nature is beautiful!
    Make a hug from me to your little dog!
    Have a good day!
    Friendly yours.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Thank you, Catherine. I find that through the lens of a camera sometimes the overlooked things in nature look beautiful. It is quite cool this morning here too. I’ll be sure to give my little guy a hug from you all the way in France. ❤ Hope you're enjoying your Friday.

  3. Susette

    Love the close-ups of Fall. It is supposed to get to 98 degrees here in Southern California today, so I wish you could share your rain and the fall colors for real. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful colors and shapes.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Susette,
      Wow!!! You had a VERY warm day! I would love your winter, but would very much miss the seasons of spring and fall. I’m happy you enjoyed my pictures of fall.

  4. Joy

    Love the leaves and mini melon. You might be surprised that the melon can be eaten. Like in a mini fruit cocktail? Dolly size eh? Maybe you have time to make one fall/Thanksgiving outfit and sweater? It is still a couple of months, and I’ll bet many would be interested. A break from the colors of Xmas which I love.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      That would be great if we got to enjoy the melon, we’ve been watching it grow long enough. We will definitely try it. Great idea you have squeezing in one more fall outfit. Right now I am working so far ahead that I’ll be making Valentine’s Day outfits before Christmas is here. LOL! Thanks for your comment, Joy. Have a great weekend!

  5. Pennie

    Your photos are beautiful! I love fall, thank you for sharing your beautiful surroundings. We in California are hoping this beautiful fall glides into winter rain quickly! Supposed to have an El Nino wet year. Hope so…

    My sweet Oliver chihuahua went to doggie heaven last year, he was three pounds. I never could get him on a leash for walks either. I am now giving hospice care to his two cousins. I love chihuahuas! They are so loving and special to the people they bond with, not so with strangers LOL. Give your sweetie a hug from us here in California.

  6. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Pennie,
    I’m glad you enjoyed my fall photos. Do you all still need a lot of rain in CA?
    I cannot imagine how tiny your chihuahua must have been. He must have been so cute and it must be hard not having him around. I think my guy is about 7 lbs., depending on how plentiful snacks have been; sometimes he has to go on a diet.
    What do you mean by hospice care? I love chihuahuas too, never thought I would until I held a little chi puppy and fell in love. They are like little babies (with their owners), so sweet and cuddly. I will give my guy a hug from you. Thanks, Pennie.

  7. Sharon in Spain

    Lovely photos Cindy, such great colours. I think that melon is edible, we have those at the supermarket, I just forget their name!
    My Chihuahua’s love to sniff around too but yes, you have to be so careful as mine are little piglets and will eat anything going, so like you I’m always very wary. I think I might be an over protective Chihuahua mum!!!! 😉
    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello there, Sharon.
      Cantaloupe, is that it? This one is so very small, but it has started to ripen, so maybe we will get a few bites out of it.
      My main worry with my chihuahua is that a fox or other animal will get it. Our neighbors told us that one morning while they were waiting for the school bus they saw a fox with a tiny dog in it’s mouth. Also, there have been numerous stories about owls and coyotes stealing little dogs. Do you not have this problem in Spain? You are lucky if you don’t. It makes me sick to imagine it happening to my baby. As for eating things, mine too, will start if I don’t watch him.
      Thank you, Sharon!


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