Another Weekend Here and Gone

How did your weekend go?  Mine flew by.

Yesterday afternoon I drove the short distance to the nearest forest preserve.  I wanted to see how fall was progressing in nature (and get some exercise).  As you can see from my photos things are still pretty green.  I wanted to photograph the wild dark purple asters and lavender monarda, but the battery on my phone died before I could capture those.

I captured some white asters.

sun lake 2075_2And milkweed…

sun lake 2077

sun lake 2078_2This is all forest preserve land.

sun lake 2081Sometimes trees become natural art sculptures; I always like to capture those.

sun lake 2079_2In my studio, I knit another Santa hat, started embroidering Pukipuki’s Christmas dress, finished up a fun ensemble for Gina, and Millie picked out her Christmas dress fabric.

wip 10-05-15 370

wip 10-05-15 368Hope you all have a perfect week!

Thanks for reading!  Bye for now.


4 thoughts on “Another Weekend Here and Gone

  1. Catherine

    What a coincidence! Yesterday I also photographed asters in my garden! They are purple, roses are gone! There is a carpet of cyclamen in the grass, my husband wanted to cut the lawn before it rains, but I refused!
    Gina’s ensemble looks gorgeous and Millie has a nice cover that will become her dress!
    It’s raining here!
    Have a beautiful week!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      That IS a coincidence, Catherine. Funny! I still have a few rosebuds on my few rosebushes that were planted by the previous owner. They are just the tiny single roses that look like wild roses, smell nice though. I’ve never seen cyclamen growing outside. Here cyclamen is strictly a houseplant. Thank you. We’ve haven’t seen the sun since Friday, so our weather isn’t great either.

  2. Joy

    How interesting! Asters everywhere. I have two varieties here in my CA garden. Light and medium purple/lilac. Both started from seed. I’ve never seen them in white.
    Can’t wait to see the dress made from that green/red floral fabric. Please share.

  3. Cindy Rice Post author

    I saw white and dark purple at the forest preserve yesterday. I think we have lilac growing at the back of our yard growing amongst the weeds. I didn’t look closely at them, but I don’t know what else blooms this late in the season that is a daisy-like flower.
    I started on that dress today. It’s another one for Gina. That will make the third Christmas dress for her so far. I will definitely share photos. Thank you, Joy.


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