Hang Onto Your Hat!

I don’t like hats on myself, never have and probably never will.  I think from the moment I could take them off of myself, I probably did.  The only way that I would cover my head and ears in the coldest weather was with a hood on my coat, so my mom made sure that all of my coats had hoods.  Luckily, my dolls will wear whatever I put on them, and they look adorable in hats, I think.

These are my all-time favorite fall/winter hats that I’ve made for my dolls.  Sorry, some of them you probably saw yesterday.


Also, I have one of my Pinterest board this morning (hat inspiration) that I’d like to share with you.

Here is my Pinterest board.

These days I will wear a hat, but only if I am going on a long walk and it is too cold for a headband.  What about you, are you a hat person?

Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “Hang Onto Your Hat!

  1. Catherine

    I can’t stand to have something on my head! When my hair has fallen, it was very hard to wear a wig or scarf! Now I have a lot of hair again, what happiness!
    My daughter still reproaches me for making him wear hoods she hated when she was a child!!
    I think she looks like me!
    You’re right, the dolls are very docile and like all they wear!
    Your hats are all beautiful, I especially like the multicolored hats of the two last pictures!
    Have a good afternoon!
    Warm wishes!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Catherine,
      I never minded hoods. To me, they weren’t hats, so they were okay. Who knows why I felt that way. That is funny that your daughter still remembers the hoods that you made her wear. I take it she didn’t like hats either.
      It seems that women always wish their hair were different: curly vs. straight, long vs. short, brown vs. blonde. We should all learn from you and love what we have.
      Hope your week starts out beautifully. Thank you, Catherine.

  2. Joy

    Not a hat person here either. However, I love them on others and dollies! Only place I ever wear one is skiing on a low temperature windy day.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Exactly! It seems as though people either love wearing hats or hate wearing them, no in between. I have met more people that hate wearing them, I think.


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