Christmas Creating is Finished for 2015

Last night I sold my last Christmas ensemble of the season and put away my Christmas fabric.  I’ve been working on Christmas sets since… September 14?  Is that right?  Yep, that’s when I published this post here.  I didn’t think I started that early!  I did make one fall outfit in the middle of it all, but still three months is a long time to be working on Christmas things.  I am ready for a change.

I made a little collage of all of my Christmas ensembles.  This is way beyond what I normally get done in a Christmas season.  My dolls are now all naked, so, by my standards, this Christmas season was a success.

2015 Christmas Collection Collage

If you’d like to see more pictures of each outfit they are all in the slideshow on my website’s home page.  You can click on the photo in the slideshow and be taken to that individual outfit’s sales page.  Here is my website.

Thank you all for reading my blog, keeping me company, and being such wonderful cheerleaders!  I treasure you all!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Creating is Finished for 2015

  1. Catherine

    An enormous thank you for all the happiness you give us with your wonderful creations!
    I wish you a merry Christmas!
    Friendly yours, Catherine

  2. Jane Miller

    Loved looking at all your dolls pictures! I think you are an amazing sewist/knittest! I think I just made up a word or two! Have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. Joy

    Wow, guess it is on to Valentine’s Day? Glad you’ve had such success with your creations. They are all amazing.
    Still have wrapping to do here which is fun, except for the 70 lb box with the car for the grand kids.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Valentine’s Day….hmm, not feel in’ it yet, but soon. Wonder what’s in the 70 pound box, that’s heavy! I still have lots of wrapping (and shopping) to do too. Merry Christmas, Joy, and thank you!

  4. Wanda

    Wow, you’ve accomplished so much this year for all of us to admire your beautiful and authentic designs and creations.

    Best wishes for a joyous and peaceful Christmas and a fabulous 2016.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Regina! I was surprised to see how many months I have been doing the red and green color scheme with hardly any pink in sight. Normally, it’s all about the pink! Merry Christmas to you!


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