Thank You & Something for Sugar

First of all, thank you all for the love and support you showered me with yesterday.  It’s amazing how uplifting you all are!  I sit all alone and work in my studio day after day, but you all make me feel that I am not really working alone; I feel I am simply in my office which is located in a bigger building.  So, thank you all so very, very much!

Today my Fairyland Pukipuki, Sugar, wants to show you her little something in blue.  It is a tiny dress knit in a tonal baby alpaca/silk lace weight yarn.  I love all of the subtle shades of blue, violet, and pink in this colorway.  I’ve used it before here (Little Darlings), here (Amelia Thimble), and here (Amelia Thimble).  Although I’ve used this yarn a few other times, this is the first dress I’ve made for Sugar with it.  And sadly, it is no longer available, so when my one skein is gone… well, you know… 😦

“Garden of Blues” was finished before “My ‘Blue’-ming Garden” that I showed you yesterday, but Sugar would not agree to let me sell it until now.  I told her that I have another dress for her that I am going to dye in a surprise shade of pink, so she relented.

garden of blues 195 title

Sugar enjoyed our photo shoot in the garden very much.  She loves how her dress coordinates with all of the flowers that are blooming now.  Sugar was especially captivated by the lilac phlox.

garden of blues 207

garden of blues 187

Sugar’s “Garden of Blues” dress will be available tonight at 7:00 pm CST on my website,  Look for the “Shop What’s New” page.

7 thoughts on “Thank You & Something for Sugar

  1. Catherine

    Sugar is so sweet with her new dress! Thank you very much for your beautiful photos!
    Have a sunny afternoon!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Catherine,
      Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed my photos– Sugar is too. She loves to have her picture taken! Hope it is a pretty day in France. Sun is out here in Illinois, US! Yay!

  2. Joy

    Sugar’s dress is a delight. I can see why she didn’t want to let it go.
    I started on a little felt dress for Jar Lu. Of course, I will have to make another for Ten Ping. Any how, I haven’t done embroidery in so long, I had to watch a tutorial on the blanket stitch. Go figure. I plan to add a couple of flowers too. I hauled out my bag of floss and searched for the right color for the dress. Now I know why you have so many colors all neatly in bags. They are needed in your lovely work to find that perfect color. I fortunately found a pink that worked. Next a tutorial on French knots. Mine keep pulling through. Your embroidery is so detailed and tiny. A work of art. I have to wear two pairs of glasses to even thread the needle. 😦

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      I didn’t know you had a Ten Ping named Ten Ping in addition to your Ten Ping named Jar Lu. I guess they would need different names, so you could tell them apart. lol
      I don’t like making french knots. I make colonial knots instead. I find more consistent results making colonial knots. Here is a video for how to do them. You might be a colonial knot person too!
      I am lucky to have every color of floss from my “cross stitch designer” days. DMC supplied designers with everything that they needed, Anchor did too! How great is that! In the last couple of months I have had to wear a pair of cheap cheater glasses for my embroidery. So, off with my regular glasses and on with the cheaters, so much easier to see what I’m doing. I’ve never tried wearing two pair of glasses at once.

      1. Joy

        If you go to Ruby Red Galleria, you can see the dolls. Ten Ping is one. Jar Lu another. There are several others including Gigi of which we do not have as of yet. I think Ten Ping and Jar Lu are the same face sculpt but painted differently. I will definitely watch the colonial knot video. My French knots turned out ok. However, terribly unsymmetrical. And I’m not taking them out! Ha.

  3. Susan

    Her dress is beautiful, Cindy. And I just saw, Lucy in your last post. She is absolutely breathtaking. I’m always so taken with the perfection of your work – there’s never one single thing out of place. Their faces, hair, dresses, the tiny embroidery stitches – all perfect!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. These little dolls by Dianna Effner are like 3-d works of art, aren’t they? And the artists that paint them are so talented. I am very lucky to be able to create things for them to wear and then to photograph them. Hope you have a great day!


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