After Four Days

Yet again the same old story, after four days of rain and dreariness, the sun came out this afternoon.  One of these days I need to pack up and move to an area where the sun shines more than every fourth day.  LOL!  Anyway, it was so nice to see the sun, so I grabbed my camera.  I have more outdoor photos to show you.

First, I have some indoor progress to show you.  Gracie’s sweater is coming along nicely.  I will probably add one or two more motifs–smaller though. I feel that these two motifs are off balance right now.  I will sleep on it, and in the morning be able to figure out what it needs, I hope.  That’s usually the way it works when I am stuck.

05-12-16 507

I found this robin’s egg under some bushes.  I looked and looked for a nest, but couldn’t find one.  😦

robin's egg 508

The pink crabapple trees already have the majority of their petals on the ground.

crabapple petals 513

Our lilacs with the teeny tiny blossoms still have a ways to go before they bloom.

lilacs 456

I believe this is a spring blooming variety of hydrangea with small, flat, flowerheads.

hydrangea 520

These prickly barberry bushes have blossoms–who knew!  I’m not a fan of barberry, but they are kind of pretty right now.

barberry 516

I hope you all have a lovely spring weekend!  Bye for now!

10 thoughts on “After Four Days

  1. Joy

    More than I wanted to know. That egg was probably dropped by a predator. The dropping alone was not good so doubt the egg would hatch a healthy bird. Possibly snatched by your feral kitty. We had one do the same to a nest on our porch some years ago. Not to blame just the kitty as it could have been many other predators. Robins are a strange lot. Had one move the nest across the beam in front of the door at my husbands parents house. Eventually hatched 3 little ones which we were able to watch from inside through the window. On another note, your crabapple snow is beautiful.
    Took a 6 hour round trip to the Sierra to check the cabin and figure out the water heater problem. ( We fix everything) So beautiful there. River roaring and little flowers opening up everywhere. Snow all gone.
    PS Gracie’s sweater is lovely.

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        If it weren’t for that “little” thing called earthquakes . . . Some of us midwesterners are a bit freaked out by them.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      We watched a couple of robin families last year; we haven’t seen any this year though. There are lots of robins flying around; maybe they have gotten smart about the cat who is always around the house and have made their nests further away.

      That must have been fun for you watching the nest from inside the house. Your cabin by the river with flowers blooming all around it sounds so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you, Joy!

  2. Catherine

    Beautiful photos, thank you very much!
    Here, it rains a lot for several days, it’s depressing! But the sun comes back soon!!
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I am so sorry for all of your rain, Catherine. Your weather continues to sound like ours, so hopefully you woke to a sunny Friday. We will be getting rain later on though. Thank you!

  3. April Rankin

    Hi Cindy, The white blossoms look like they might be a viburnum, mine are starting to bloom here in Minnesota too. Weather man says sun for next week! Yay!

  4. Sonia

    Cindy, your outdoor photos are so nice! I like all the flowering trees and bushes. My granddaughter found a robin’s egg in the garden on the ground, some years ago and came running to me and said, is this an Easter egg? It’s strange how the eggs that are dropped by whatever predator, don’t break when they hit the ground. I feel that there are less robin’s around, lately. Wonder why? Barberry shrubs are a very showy shrub with all it’s color. I like it. Gracie’s sweater is cute! Have a nice week-end. Our week-end is going to be warm and sunny, but still no rain.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sonia,
      What a cute story about your robin (Easter) egg. I could see why your granddaughter would think that as they are such a beautiful color. It’s hard to believe Mother Nature can do that. Maybe the robins are staying away as they sense the lack of moisture up by you. We seem to have a lot of robins here. I think I finally finished Gracie’s sweater today. I need to make a couple more little pieces and then her outfit is finished! It was so cold today we had a few snowy pellets falling from the sky.


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