“Blue Skies for my Roses”

Along with Gracie, Patience had a modeling gig yesterday.  (I’ll show you Gracie later.)  Yes, we had sunshine and our family room was nice and bright, perfect for picture taking.

We also had frost yesterday morning!  What!!!  Hey, it’s mid May, Mother Nature, you’ve got your months mixed up!  Hopefully, she will come to her senses soon.

Anyway, back to Patience and her new ensemble.  I called this ensemble “Blue Skies for my Roses” because sunny, blue skies is what our roses need to bloom gloriously and that is what this fabric reminds me of.

blue skies for my roses 689

All of the color in the dress made the embroidery fun to do too; I think I used 7 different colors of floss.  Patience’s tiny sweater is knit with merino lace weight wool.  The peachy/ivory glass bead buttons are the perfect tone for this sweater; they blend with the light yellow/peach rosebuds.

blue skies for my roses 723

I used various flower buds in pastel warm pink, glass pearls, and Delica beads to decorate Patience’s floral headband in an asymmetrical composition.  The flower buds and beads are all neatly sewn and secured onto the headband.  The headband ties at the back of Patience’s neck.

blue skies for my roses 696

The bouquet and bracelet are equally colorful in pinks and neutrals.  Streamers of pastel sky blue silk ribbon float around the flower stems.

blue skies for my roses 695

blue skies for my roses 691

blue skies for my roses 686

blue skies for my roses 694

blue skies for my roses 698

Patience’s “Blue Skies for my Roses” ensemble will be available tonight (May 16, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST.  Check my “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com for more information.

6 thoughts on ““Blue Skies for my Roses”

  1. Joy

    Gotta love Patience. The dress/sweater and accessories are perfect for her. Supposed to be 90 tomorrow. Must throw some water to the plants this evening. Can’t water during the day or the water police might bite.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy. I love her too. I keep visiting Wilde Imagination, so tempted by the Basic Patience. My doll has coral lips and the Basic one looks like she’d look nice in clearer colors. Also, a blue eyed, red lipped girl would be fun for blue and red things. I’m holding back… for now. Can’t imagine 90 degrees and dry; we have been the opposite. It’s cloudy and wet again today! Geez!

  2. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy,
    Well it’s about time you got some sunshine! I’m glad for you.
    The dress you made for Patience this time is so sweet. You got the mirrored flowers on her sweater “exactly” right this time. They are very pretty with all those colors you used.
    I hope the sun stays shining for you all week…you are long overdue for sunny days!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne,
      Well, I did enjoy the sun over the last few days! Today it’s back to our usual, but hey, we had THREE days in a row of sun! That’s probably a record.
      I really loved the colors in this print and how they worked together. Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comments on Patience’s new ensemble.

  3. Ann

    Cindy, I am new to your site and am completely amazed at the work you do. Just lovely and I am in awe at that tiny sweaters you make also. I am blessed with being able to knit pretty well, but there is now way I could ever embroider beautiful flowers as you do. I love how they compliment you beautiful dresses. So glad I was introduced to your site by a lovely lady from Etsy. I live in Massachusetts and I don’t think Mother Nature has figured out that it is May here either. We had a few warm days, but right back to feeling like fall with lots of wind. Suddenly it will be so hot that we’ll wish it was still like today. Guess we’re never satisfied. All I know is God will do what He wants with the weather. Meanwhile, we get to enjoy seeing lovely items you have created. I’ll enjoy following your site.

    Best wishes,

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Ann and welcome to my site. Gosh, what a nice note you wrote to me, thank you! You are so sweet. I should post some photos of my first embroidered sweaters. They weren’t like what I am doing now at all. It took me years to get where I can say that I am happy with my work. So, if you like embroidering on your hand knits, I’d suggest to practice, practice, practice. It does get easier. As with anything you have to enjoy the process, though, otherwise it is very tedious. It sounds like your weather isn’t much better than ours is. Today we’re back to our usual cool, cloudy, and damp. Thanks for reminding me that I do get more creative work accomplished when it’s “yucky” outside. Hope it’s sunny by you today though.


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