A Beautiful Beginning and a Beautiful Ending

When the day starts and ends as beautifully as today did, what happened, or did not happen, in the middle doesn’t seem to matter so much.  As you can see, the day started out with a beautiful sunrise, which I was up quite early to see.

december sunrise 031

I was in the car for about an hour and a half bringing my daughter to school and then making the trip back home.  When I got home I discovered the power was out (it never is), so the garage door wouldn’t open and, here’s the really unfortunate part, I had locked all the storm doors (nope, no keys for those), so had no way to get in the house.  I’ll leave out the parts about what came out of my mouth and the kicking of the storm door (to see if it would have pity on me and unlock itself), not a pretty site.

I didn’t get back inside the house until 12:30 in the afternoon (enough time to eat breakfast (or lunch), shower, and get back in the car for pick up!  Knitting, sewing, embroidering, crocheting?  … no, not today, I’m afraid.

And, now here’s how the day ended.  It took my breath away, and made all the craziness of the day disappear.

december sunset 047

december sunset 032

The sunset is reflected in the windows; can you see it?december sunset 040

We have these cute paper houses in our bay window.  You can see the roof tops of some of them in the photo above.  They are super easy to put together and last from year to year.  They are pinned on my “Paper Crafts” board here.  Or, you can go directly to the websites where these came from:  Dover Publications and welovetoillustrate.blogspot.com to print them out for yourself.  Each house prints on a basic sized sheet of paper.christmas paper houses 050

ornaments 054
ornaments 057While writing this post, I am sitting in front of the cozy, warm fire and enjoying the Christmas tree, so the ending on this crazy day is perfect.

Hope you had a much smoother day than I did, and I hope your beginning and ending was as beautiful as mine was.

8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Beginning and a Beautiful Ending

  1. Joy

    Beautiful sunrise photos. How does it go? Red in the morning sailors take warning. Storm coming? Love your looking in the window picture. Looks so warm and cozy.
    Unfortunately, our power goes out quite often. Worst part is having to reset all of the clocks on the appliances as well as the regular clocks. Hopefully, tomorrow you will be able to work on some knits or perhaps you had something with you in the car to work on?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      I always forget how that rhyme goes. It turned out to be a mostly cloudy day, sun peeking through here and there. Bat oh, the wind, it was REALLY windy!
      We had a lot of clocks to reset also.
      I’ve already done a little bit of knitting; today is going smoother, thank goodness.
      Thanks, Joy.

  2. Susette Willhite

    Red sky at dawning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. We’ve been having those kinds of sunrises and sunsets but no rain in Southern California.

    How nice of you to share the little houses. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Are the ones framed on the wall ones that you have taken? And your tree! You are quite the accomplished photographer.

    I’m going to try to find the name of the doll I liked so much the other day on your Website. I commented that she was the happiest looking doll I had ever seen.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Susette,
      Is that how that rhyme goes? For some reason, I can never remember it. Today is a nice day and the sky was orange at sunset.
      My husband and I both took the photos on our kitchen wall. They’ve been up so long that we don’t even notice them anymore. (Isn’t that funny how that goes?) Maybe we should put new ones in the frames when we get some spare moments. We printed them out on our printer at home, so really easy to do. Thank you. My husband is a really good photographer, so he has helped me with the technical bits whenever I am having trouble.
      Is the doll you are thinking of my new Little Darling, Lucy? She is my new doll painted by Helen Skinner and sculpted by Dianna Effner. There are three sculpts of Little Darlings and Lucy is the newest sculpt, number three. She is so happy and sweet, quite a little joy she is!

  3. Catherine

    Red sky is beautiful! I often take pictures of the sky!
    My grandmother said: “Red sky in the morning, rain on the way; red sky at night, good weather in hope”!
    You had no luck with your power!
    I often grumble because I have to open the gate and the garage door manually, but I never stayed out, this is an advantage!
    Your paper houses are very cute! My daughter made similar ones last year!
    Your Christmas tree is very wonderful! My cat plays with the balls at night and they are on the floor when we wake up!!
    I wish you a better day!
    Warm regards.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      We have a very nice day today and the sky was very red yesterday evening. I would much rather be locked in than out. I had a little talk with my dogs when I got home; those little rascals should have let me in. Ha Ha!
      Sometimes it’s the simplest decorations that are the most charming. Who would have thought that paper house could be so cute!
      You have a silly little cat. She probably thinks the ornaments are there for her to play with.
      Today is going much better, thank you!

  4. Sonia

    Beautiful photos, Cindy! May I ask you, do you take your daughter to school every morning with an hour and a half drive, one way? Or, did it take you longer because of the weather?
    That’s quite a long drive.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sonia,
      No, she’s a train commuter, but right now the teachers are piling on the last minute work. I’ve been driving and she works on her school work, every second counts. When I bring her to school and pick her up she gains a few more hours, which is quite a bit. When she takes the train it’s hard to do anything when the time is all interrupted in bits and pieces. It is hard to drive her, but today was the day when everything was due. Next week, much easier on her, and me too. Our weather has been a blessing, just wonderful for December! Thanks, Sonia!


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