Fabric Delivery

One of the reasons I love to do what I do is the “need” for fabric.  I cannot sew a dress without fabric.  And, really I don’t have that much.  Ha ha!  These days so many illustrators are putting their super sweet designs onto fabric and it’s impossible to resist them, you know?  And then there’e that “gotta fill up the shopping cart to get free shipping” thing.

My fabric stash is growing quicker than I can use it.  I have to slow down, really I do.  Another ha ha, I’m afraid.

When I know a new order of fabric is being delivered it is a very exciting day for me.  All that new inspiration coming to my studio… it’s so, well inspiring!

fabrid 014

fabric 018

fabric 021

fabric 028

fabric 019

fabric 022

The two on the right were previously purchased, but came from the same collection. Too cute for words!fabric 025

These four are my favorites!fabric 026

If you’d like some of my homegrown tips on selecting fabric for doll clothes, I talked about it in this post here.

Now, if only I can add twice as many hours to my day I’d be all set.

Bye for now!

6 thoughts on “Fabric Delivery

  1. Catherine

    Although I don’t know sewing, I love fabrics! And yours are very beautiful!
    I look forward to see the beautiful dresses will you do with them!
    Have a good day!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      I am happy that you enjoy looking at my new fabric even though you don’t sew. I can’t wait to start using them. Very soon I will put Christmas dress making aside for another year and start using these fabrics. Hope you are having a very nice day.

  2. Joy

    Oh fabric! Can’t get enough, unfortunately. My favorites, the birdies, then ballerinas, and kitties. The tiny florals are exciting to think about for Valentine’s day and spring. So pretty.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      I haven’t yet made room for all this new fabric. I am thinking that I need to go through and remove the pieces on my stand that I know I won’t use for doll clothes. I really need to hold off for a while, getting quite a stock pile here. Thanks, Joy, and have a great day.


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