“My Forever Snowman” for Millie

Our snow is long gone here.  In fact, it has been so mild; it feels like Thanksgiving is weeks away, not Christmas.  No, I am not complaining, the cold and snow will come to stay for many months, it always does.  In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying this gift of nice and easy weather.

Since we don’t have snow outside, Millie is here with her snowman that lasts on and on and on, he’s her forever snowman.  I made him myself in my studio, so he is filled with hugs and love, and ready to “snowify” your day.

my forever snowman 965I didn’t name him; that is for his new girl to do, so I’ll just keep referring to him as the snowman.  The snowman is made completely by hand out of wool felt, embroidery thread, beads, mohair yarn.  I wanted to get his expression just right, so that your heart would “melt” a little when you gazed into his deep dark eyes.  Did I succeed?

The snowman’s hat is so tiny that it is half the width of Amelia Thimble’s!  I made it with the same hand dyed merino and white mohair that I recently used for Amelia Thimble and Sugar’s sets.  The scarf is crocheted using matching yarn from Millie’s dress.  Snowman’s arms are knit with tan mohair and have loop hands for holding.  Here he is holding a sequin snowflake and a beaded candy cane that I made years ago.  He is gently stuffed with plastic doll making pellets, so he has a bean bag feel to him.

my forever snowman 982

Millie’s hand knit wool dress has a sprinkling of snowflakes:  mohair colonial knots, delicately embroidered star-shaped flakes, icy clear seed beads, and clear sequins with white seed beads. The snowflakes fall in a pattern from the left shoulder down and around the appliquéd snowman which is sitting above the “fur” trim off to the right.  He’s super tiny, but cute.my forever snowman 992

my forever snowman 985

my forever snowman 002

my forever snowman 975

For more information on Millie’s “My Forever Snowman” ensemble, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com .

6 thoughts on ““My Forever Snowman” for Millie

  1. Catherine

    Millie’s dress is beautiful and her snowman so cute! you have “des doigts de fée”!
    I do not know how to translate this expression!
    Have a good day!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      Thank you. Your french saying translated as “nimble fingers”. I would say that my fingers work well most days, but some days I feel like I am all thumbs; those are the days that I don’t even try to do hand sewing. Wishing you a very nice day!


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