Shy, Shy Sun

Day four of waking up to a dark and cloudy morning.  Geez,  enough already!  It looks like the sun may come out today.  Please, sun won’t you peek out from behind the clouds today?

I don’t know about you, but these cloudy days start to pile up on me and leave me feeling tired and drained.  I had a difficult time getting any sewing done yesterday; all I wanted to do is sit in front of the fire and knit, knit, knit.  Today I have to do better.

I thought that looking at sunny photos might help.

you are my sunshine 068

sunshine & posies 427

Sunshine Day 2015

a sunny day 639

Golden Summertime II 2014

bit of gold 250

Golden Summertime 2012

Sunshiny Days 2012

fall sunshine 091

Little Sunflower 2013


Walking on Sunshine 2013


If you’re stuck in the clouds like we are, did that help?  I think it helped me.  Now, to push myself out of this chair, feed the pups, and get moving.  And, I see some clearing in the sky.  Yay!!!

 Hope you have a sunny day today!

Thanks for reading!  Bye for now!

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