My First Holiday (Christmas) Ensemble of the Season

My first holiday ensemble is all ready to show you!  I started my holiday creating by using my favorite fabric first, not saving it for one of the last like I did last year.  And, it just so happens that the color palette is a little bit fallish, so it is indeed the perfect one to start with.

Isn’t this fabric cute?  There are so many adorable motifs in this primitive looking print, boring it is not.  And, even though the colors are muted it is still quite colorful.  Yes, it is my most favorite holiday or Christmas fabric that I’ve purchased so far this year.

I had the perfect shade of wool yarn for knitting the sweater and hat.  It matches the rosy color beautifully.  I picked out the blue and green in the print and added bits of those colors throughout the ensemble for extra “colorfulness”.

a heartwarming holiday 142

a heartwarming holiday 153

a heartwarming holiday 217

a heartwarming holiday 224

a heartwarming holiday 206The fabric I had for the tights was a bit too rosy, so I over dyed them in an ivory dye bath.  They came out perfect.

a heartwarming holiday 203

a heartwarming holiday 158Oh, it looks like Gina has a little present for you!

For more information on Gina’s “A Heartwarming Holiday” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page on

Bye for now!  Hope you enjoyed seeing my first holiday set of the season.

23 thoughts on “My First Holiday (Christmas) Ensemble of the Season

  1. Joy

    Whoa, an outfit to die for! Sweater, dress, everything is perfect! If I were lucky enough to own a Little Darling, I would be bidding on this adorable outfit. Oh how my grandmother born just prior to 1890 would have loved seeing them. I still have the felt ornaments with sequins she made for me. And she could knit too. Must learn.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      You must learn to knit AND get a Little Darling to knit FOR. LOL
      How sweet that you still have things your grandmother made. I hope my granddaughter (if I have one) treasures a few of my hand made items like you do your grandmother’s.
      Thanks so much for your compliment on my new ensemble!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thanks, Pennie. I loved this fabric the second I saw it. It was THE fabric that made me fill up my cart with other fabrics (free shipping) and place my order. There’s always one to make me do that. 🙂

  2. Wanda

    Gina looks divine and ready for Christmas in your absolutely amazing creations. Your choice of fabrics, colors and detail accessories are so so over the top everytime!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Wanda and thank you so much. It still feels a bit strange creating for Christmas, but I am starting to feel in the spirit as we get closer to November.

  3. Catherine

    Thank you, Gina, for the little gift!
    Your new outfit is beautiful, I love it!!
    The sweather is so adorable!
    Have a good day!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Catherine,
      Gina is such a generous little doll, isn’t she? She loves giving! Thank you for your sweet comments. I always look forward to them!

  4. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy,
    Very nice choice for starting the Christmas season off right! That is a beautiful print and it’s easy to see why it is your favorite. Gina looks adorable in it…all the way down to her sweet reddish braided wig! I love that style of hat on little girls too! Oh what a sweet sweet outfit Cindy! Well done and Merry Christmas!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Jeanne,
      Gina wanted a little pixie-ish bonnet for this outfit and I obliged her. LOL She looks at me with those blue eyes and… well, you know. You have three of these girls who are hard to resist.
      Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I hope your week is going perfectly, Jeanne!

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