Some Things from This Week

This morning I made the last piece to go with Patsy’s Christmas ensemble, the tights.  I don’t know why, but they are always the last thing I make.  We even had time for our photo shoot!  Afterwards, she wanted to go up on the shelf to visit with the other three girls who are all dressed up in their Christmas dresses.  They look so cute together in a group, don’t they?  This is the largest this group of models will get before the Christmas ensembles start going into new closets to dress other little girls for the holidays.  (I always take the photos of the ensembles without their sweaters on last, so that is why no one is wearing one, just in case you were wondering where the sweaters had gone off to.)

gina millie patsy patience christmas 995I managed to find the bright red organza ribbon at Hobby Lobby to accent the waistline of Patsy’s dress.  While I was there, I (of course) browsed the entire store.  They had their Czech glass beads on sale and these little mixed packs of flowers and hearts looked too colorful to pass up, I bought two packs.

czech glass beads 846It was fun going through the pretty little baubles.  I keep my hearts separate from my other beads since I use one with every ensemble, so I separated those out to be put with my other hearts.  These are all my new hearts!

czech glass heart beads 850One of these hearts was used for Patsy’s bracelet in her new ensemble.  Hmm, wonder which one… can you guess?  Hint, there’s only one of them.

It was my husband’s birthday on Wednesday, so happy 29th birthday to him…

… just kidding, he’s really not 29, although he wishes he were 29 again!  I picked up a pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti/meatballs from a favorite carry out spot for dinner.  I know, too much food!  I made a chocolate chip cake (from scratch) for his birthday cake.  I barely had enough frosting; it wasn’t the best choice to make only a half of a recipe, but it was plenty sweet enough in my opinion.chocolate chip birthday cake 869The little beggar is in his favorite spot.  Nope, he didn’t get a crumb of cake, although he got a few bits of pizza crust.

Bye for now!  Talk to you soon!

12 thoughts on “Some Things from This Week

  1. Catherine

    Your four girls are very beautiful with their Christmas dresses! Congratulations to you!
    Happy birthday to your husband!
    The chocolate chip cake looked delicious, the poor little dog had just the right to smell it!!!
    Have a good afternoon!
    I’m going to bed now!
    Friendly yours.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      Thanks so much for your sweet comments. It’s so nice to have photos, so I can remember what I make. We still have cake leftovers, wish I could send you some! 🙂

  2. Joy

    The girls certainly look lovely! It is nice to see ttheir comparison in height. So do they all have different shoe sizes? You must have a large collection to fit them. The outstanding photograph is Gina’s dress with Patsy’s next. Must be the white background. But someone will be delighted with any of the great choices. The little extras like beaded bracelets etc. are such a nice touch. “Little Beggar” aka? I’m sure he understands that chocolate is not good for him and pizza crust, yum. Great cake and love the dots plate!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Joy,
      Thank you. I have never taken too many group pictures in the past and enjoy seeing them together too, it’s fun to see their differences. Yes, they have their own shoes. Millie and Patsy can share some, but their feet are different shapes. My “beggar” is such a good boy. If something falls on the floor that he is not supposed to eat he won’t go after it.

  3. Jeanne

    HI Cindy,
    It’s always fun to see more than one girl in your pictures. I like to look at how you pose them and how sweet they all look together. They all have such cute printed dresses and I can’t imagine how much cuter they’ll all be when they get their sweaters on.

    I’m just like you when I go to Hobby Lobby… I have to check out almost every department to make sure I don’t miss anything.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby…who looks like he’s about ready to enjoy that cake. If I made a chocolate chip cake for my hubby, it would disappear very quickly. Reuben would be begging for his piece too, but sorry, no chips for him either.

    Have a wonderful weekend Cindy,
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne,
      There’s no such thing as a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, is there? Or, any other craft/fabric store for that matter! We’re still working on the cake. Luckily I am no longer tempted after my first piece. Eggs give me bad, bad headaches (my sinuses swell), so after 8 Advil, 4 decongestants on Wednesday, I’ve had enough. It’s not worth the pain or the amount of drugs I have to take.
      Anyway, … glad you are back and hopefully well rested.

  4. Sonia

    A beautiful Christmas scene! All you need are some snowflakes, well, maybe not yet! lol.
    I would have liked a piece of your yummy chocolate chip cake! Your little puppy looks like
    he is enjoying celebrating with your Hubby on his Birthday. Do you make little coats for your puppy, too?

  5. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Sonia,
    Definitely no snowflakes yet. Our winters seem very long, so there are many months yet for snowflakes to fall. I am still enjoying fall. This morning I took the pup out and it was sooo warm. We are still working on the cake, wish I could send you a piece. I have never made anything for our chi to wear. He has a little parka that he tolerates on the coldest days, but really hates anything on his body. We didn’t get him used to clothes or collars as a puppy, so our fault. He has a harness for walks, but hates those too. He prefers to be a naked dog. LOL!


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