Our “Tiny Holly Helper”

Little Fairyland’s Pukipuki Sugar is here to help with the holiday preparations in any way that she is able, even if it’s just standing around looking cute.  BTW, she does that really well, don’t you thin?

tiny holly helper b 668Her Christmas set is knit with hand dyed merino lace weight yarn.  It photographed brighter and pinker than it actually is, it is a muted berry color.  The “fur” trim is knit with mohair/silk lace yarn.  I attached little strips of magnets to the back side of the plastic holly charm, so Sugar can hold on to it.

tiny holly helper 661

tiny holly helper 670Sugar says thanks for visiting!

Bye for now!

6 thoughts on “Our “Tiny Holly Helper”

  1. Catherine

    Sugar is very lovely with her Christmas set! I love Pukipuki! I wanted to buy Realpuki Tiny, but he is sold out!
    Have a good day!
    Friendly yours.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hello Catherine and thank you. I am very happy with my Pukipuki, she is very easy to pose considering how small she is. The Realpukis are adorable. I don’t know if Denver Doll ships internationally, but they have a tan Tyni in stock and can preorder in the other colors. Here is the link: http://denverdoll.com/fairylandrealpuki.php
    Hope you are having a nice Wednesday!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Thank you. Sugar is SO MUCH easier to pose and dress. She isn’t as delicate and the material she is made of feels like a durable plastic, not a brittle material.

  3. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy,
    Well, being on the couch will help me get caught up on comments for you! Little Sugar looks very sweet in her Christmas dress and the back is just as cute as the front. You do such a nice job on everything you make. I just love to look over your things and see all the little details you add. You truly are a master knitter!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Well, I must say that it IS nice to hear from you, but not under these circumstances. You are so sweet to comment when you are probably in so much pain and discomfort. A master knitter I know I am not; there is so much more I could learn, but thank you, I love what I do.


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