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Tiny Work Going On and More

I’ve been working on winter white Christmas sets for Pupipuki Sugar and Amelia Thimble.  I thought that a white on white combination would be something different.

10-25-15 004Last night (so I could get right to work this morning without procrastinating) I did a few quick drawings of little motifs for embroidery.  It worked, and I got right down to business early this morning.

embroidery christmas 016Even though I use my “patterns” from the last time when I start knitting or crocheting a new piece the results can vary.  In this case Sugar’s dress seemed a tad short.  Some tiny lace tights solved the “too much bare leg” problem.  These are super tiny, but cute on her chubby li’l legs.

sewing puki tights 018Sugar’s arm around Amelia Thimble’s back keeps her steady while I manage to catch a photo of them in their brand new Christmas sets.  They have become great friends!

sugar amelia christmas 019I just started another knitting/crocheting notebook, it’s the top book.  Everything I have knit or crocheted within the last 4+ years is written in these books!  In addition to writing out “patterns” I also document the date, doll made for, needle size, type/color of yarn, embroidery colors/strands.  These notes make it easy to go back and remake something or remake something with changes that I want to incorporate in the new piece.

knitting notebooks 001My sweet chihuahua LOVES sleeping in sunbeams.  He looked so peaceful that I had to take a photo of him.sleeping sun 010

Hope you have a GREAT week!  Bye for now!

Millie’s “Cozy Christmas Color”

My tiny (11″) Kay Wiggs illie, Millie, is here today modeling her new (and first of the season) Christmas ensemble.  Doesn’t she look festive, cozy, and warm?

cozy christmas colors 687Millie is so excited to have her very own Santa hat.  Millie says she will wear it “all the time” when helping out this holiday season.

cozy christmas colors 689Millie’s sweater is knit with mohair/silk lace weight yarn.  For the embroidery, I centered the main motifs around the petaled blossom shapes from the dress and embroidered them in a warm pink-y shade (for more distinction they are a shade or two lighter than those on the dress).  The berries are colonial knots in a deep berry red that match the dress; the stems and leaves are lazy daisy stitches and straight stitches.

cozy christmas colors 707

cozy christmas colors 676I added off white fine English cotton Cluny lace underneath the tuck on the skirt to help tie in the accents of whites.

cozy christmas colors 680

cozy christmas colors 693For more information on Millie’s “Cozy Christmas Color” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page on

Bye for now!

Some Things from This Week

This morning I made the last piece to go with Patsy’s Christmas ensemble, the tights.  I don’t know why, but they are always the last thing I make.  We even had time for our photo shoot!  Afterwards, she wanted to go up on the shelf to visit with the other three girls who are all dressed up in their Christmas dresses.  They look so cute together in a group, don’t they?  This is the largest this group of models will get before the Christmas ensembles start going into new closets to dress other little girls for the holidays.  (I always take the photos of the ensembles without their sweaters on last, so that is why no one is wearing one, just in case you were wondering where the sweaters had gone off to.)

gina millie patsy patience christmas 995I managed to find the bright red organza ribbon at Hobby Lobby to accent the waistline of Patsy’s dress.  While I was there, I (of course) browsed the entire store.  They had their Czech glass beads on sale and these little mixed packs of flowers and hearts looked too colorful to pass up, I bought two packs.

czech glass beads 846It was fun going through the pretty little baubles.  I keep my hearts separate from my other beads since I use one with every ensemble, so I separated those out to be put with my other hearts.  These are all my new hearts!

czech glass heart beads 850One of these hearts was used for Patsy’s bracelet in her new ensemble.  Hmm, wonder which one… can you guess?  Hint, there’s only one of them.

It was my husband’s birthday on Wednesday, so happy 29th birthday to him…

… just kidding, he’s really not 29, although he wishes he were 29 again!  I picked up a pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti/meatballs from a favorite carry out spot for dinner.  I know, too much food!  I made a chocolate chip cake (from scratch) for his birthday cake.  I barely had enough frosting; it wasn’t the best choice to make only a half of a recipe, but it was plenty sweet enough in my opinion.chocolate chip birthday cake 869The little beggar is in his favorite spot.  Nope, he didn’t get a crumb of cake, although he got a few bits of pizza crust.

Bye for now!  Talk to you soon!